What is our meme generator?

To put it simply it's web application that allows you to caption empty predifined meme templates or use your own images that you can caption. Besides that you can also add other images on top of the template which can help you create a more suggestive meme.

The application uses the browser's HTML5 canvas to show the changes that you make to the meme in real time and after the editing is finished the meme can be saved on your device be it a computer, tablet or phone.

What can I do with the meme generator?

Using my own image, will it be stored on the website?

No! We do not store any meme that you make on our website, be it with our template or with your own image.

Spport for all modern browsers

As stated above the web application run on a HTML5 canvas element and will work on any browser that supports it. It is save to save that it will work on the most recent vesions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari on desktop and mobile.